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AFEA Group is part of Specialdaydeal Ltd specializing in advertising data analysis and budget optimisation that allows its clients to operate, build, create & execute highly succesful advertising campaigns, while functioning according to its main principle 'We earn when you earn'. We help our clients skyrocket their conversions while allowing them to save thousands at the same time.

AFEA Group also specialises in influencer marketing. Over the years we've also built strong relationships with many famous influencers, bloggers and social media stars. We connect them with our customers to accelerate their growth and increase sales. Along with strong relationships with reputable blogs, pages & channels, we own some of the biggest blogs, channels, and pages on social media and videosharing platforms.




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What do we do?

Our advanced data analysis services contribute to any business to boost its capabilities and dive into the most relevant market. Our services include:

Data Analysis

We have all the required resources and knowledge to bring high-volume & high-quality traffic to our partner websites based on operated analysis results. We are very selective about partners as we develop customized data analysis strategies for each of our partners and guarantee high conversions.

Ad Budget Analyzation

We build and optimize data-driven, hyper-targeted campaigns that attract, convert and nurture more customers. We use the best strategies to drive the maximum number of conversions with minimum ad spend. We specialize at PPC advertising, Facebook & Instagram ads, remarketing ads, etc.

Combo Analytics

The combined analysis service package includes customized data analysis and optimized ad budget analyzation altogether. Boost your business's capability with a set of analyses.